Thursday, May 24, 2012

Magazine - Critical Reflection

To begin my research for the two magazine spreads I began searching the two places in which news, and events travels fast: Facebook and Twitter. I came across an awareness day and began to look into any upcoming awareness days or weeks in which to write an article upon. I discovered Foster Care Fortnight was due to commence from the 14th-27th May 2012.

Writing about an awareness day appealed to me, as I wanted to not only raise awareness but also to obtain a case study specific to the fortnight in order to being the campaign to life.

Having the dates set in stone I decided to contact the Foster Network to request as much information as they could offer about the fortnight and any facts and figures regarding fostering within the UK. I decided to write this article in such a way as to deliver as much information about the fortnight, with also a case study from someone who has not only been a foster child but who is also a foster carer now. I obtained this case study through contacting Foster Network. Having been unsuccessful in obtaining a first hand account from someone who had or is currently being fostered I was able to obtain a case study from Foster Network. By including this within the article, the reader is more likely to respond to the figures displayed throughout the article as they relate to someone who has experienced being fostered.

This article is set out with the majority of the text written in standard columns, and offsetting the case study to emphasise it. Information of how to become a foster carer was displayed in a text box and written in bullet points to ensure the reader had clear and concise information. In addition to the text boxes, I used the technique, ‘pullout quote’ for the figures relating to the number of foster carers needed currently. This is highly effective in drawing the reader’s attention to important aspects of an article. This technique was influenced by numerous ‘real life’ stories throughout Chat, Take a Break and Closer.

Foster Network sent the pictures I have used following a request to use both the pictures and the logos for Foster Network and Foster Care Fortnight - permission was given for all pictures. I decided to use an image of a boy alone looking quite upset, as this portrays the child being unhappy at home and reinforces the awareness campaign. The second image I chose to use was of a boy with a foster carer. Showing both the boy and the carer happy with each other shows the power of having a loving carer – again enforcing the awareness campaign.

This article is suitable for a magazine such as Woman and Home. This magazine targets successful women with positive outlooks. Presenting such women with an opportunity to begin fostering would be beneficial to the awareness campaign of the fortnight. [1]

The second article was based on a student teacher having the opportunity to teach in The Gambia for two weeks. This article is in the style of a confessional interview. I discovered this by talking to people in and around the university who explained how six Primary Education students had taken a trip to The Gambia to teach for two weeks. I subsequently contacted Laura Crane to request an interview. The interview took place in Laura’s home and was recorded on a dictaphone. I transcribed the interview and found it included many strong aspects which were needed for this type of story. The interview included emotions, thoughts and experiences which are key to writing an confessional interview in the first person. I wanted to obtain strong quotes to illustrate the experience clearly to the reader.

The article focuses both on the experience of a country contrasting England with regards to our wealth, as well as a student developing her experiences to benefit the children she will teach and consequently aiding her future career. The main aspect which portrays the experience of the country were the pictures obtained following the interview. These images were taken by Laura whilst in Gambia and consent was given to use the pictures alongside the article. I decided to use a picture of Laura whilst with the pupils, the students undertaking a task set by Laura – described within the article – and a picture of the pupils together as a class.

This article was structured to firstly present emotions prior to the trip before divulging into the experience and explaining it from a first hand account.

This article is suitable for Glamour Magazine. Although Glamour focuses on current events related to beauty, fashion, health and relationships it encourages women to succeed in the workplace. [2] This includes articles explaining how to secure a desired job following graduation. This article is very much representative of young women completing their university degree with the experience and drive to want to have a successful career.

The Foster Care Fortnight article could have been further improved with a case study that I had discovered. Being able to interview someone myself regarding their experiences whilst being fostered could have brought more emotion to the article and gained more awareness of fostering which is the essence of the awareness fortnight.

The Gambia interview I feel could have been more indulgent into Laura’s thoughts about people from under privileged countries. Because Laura mentioned the stereotypes of Africa generally it would have been much stronger if I would have been more inquisitive into her thoughts and stereotypes before and after the trip – making it a stronger confessional interview.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Land Documentary - Farming and Spring Equinox

Claire Lomas and I have completed our Land project based around farming in Hampshire and the Spring Equinox.
This five minute piece will be editing together with a number of other short documentaries, all based around land, to create a full Land documentary.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Land Documentary

One of the final assignments we are due to undertake before finishing university is the production of the 'Land' documentary. This will be produced by the third years on the journalism course, all focussing on different aspects of land - housing, farming, national parks etc - which will then be edited together over the summer to result in a full documentary. The previous third years collectively produced Coastlines.

The Land documentary will be based around the Radio 2 'Radio Ballads' - having and interview explaining a certain topic e.g. Travellers, with folk music in the background.
Claire and I are focussing on farming - detailing the Spring season, officially beginning tomorrow, 20th March 2012. We will be looking into the equinox, which is the tilt of the Earth's axis being neither toward or away from the Sun. The aim of our documentary is to explore the preparation for Spring as well as between Spring and Summer, and the extent to which farmers are effected by the change.
We have obtained permission from the record label of an American band to use a song which is very applicable to our focal point. During the edit we will decide whether to use just the instrumental version of the folk song or the original version - we have permission for both.
Today was our first day of filming in which we ventured towards Alresford to shoot establishing shots and to find a suitable place to film the sunrise tomorrow morning. The sun will rise at 6.00am meaning an early start with of course flasks of tea!
We have a number of farms we will be attending this week and next, which we will be looking to film not only the standard practices within farms, but also an interview.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WINOL - Features final week

Features aren't going to end this semester on a positive. Justina and I decided to cancel WINOL Life this week due to lack of packages and our guest not responding to our invitiation to come in for the show.
In preparation for Maria Milano coming in, 3 fashion packages were going to be produced and our last WINOL Life was going to be a fashion special. M.M was unable to make it but I was still planning on maintaining the fashion theme for the show as long as we could get a relevant guest in.
Zoe, Becky and Cara were due to create fashion packages however these have all either fallen through or have not been produced at all. Zoe may be able to complete hers within the next week, but due to personal circumstances this was unable to meet the deadline.
The guest we were hoping to come in was an Editor so we were going to generalise the show to follow the same format as the previous three episodes instead of a fashion special, however we only had two packages to include in the show, Buddy's restaurant review and the latest WINOL Games Review Show. Another idea was to include both these packages and have a summary of all the past packages from this semester, however they've all been shown in the previous episodes so this wouldn't have brought anything new to the show. If we'd have had the fashion packages and a music piece we would have had a good show to produce - without these however the show would have dropped in quality, leading us to decide to cancel the last WINOL Life.
This week, What's On and WINOL Games - Christmas special are due to be produced and possibly Zoe's fashion piece is due to be completed.
Features have done very well this semester however in the last week motivation has decreased causing the amount of packages, regularly being produced, to drop.

Monday, November 28, 2011

30th Nov Union Strikes Coverage

In preparation for Winchester News Online's all-day live coverage of the Union Strikes on the 30th November 2011, Claire and I produced and edited three new sequences which are to be used throughout the day. We created a new opening sequence:

A 5 second opening sequence:

And a 1 minute countdown: (To be used after ad-breaks or if we have technical issues)